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Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

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As a longtime professional singer, pure clear filtered water is an absolute necessity for me. Living and working in toxic Los Angeles, seeking the very best filter and the very best plumber, I called Mary Cordaro, the famous Bau-Biologist for a referral, and Mary introduced me to Oleg Beloglazov.
Russian artistry is well known: Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsikov, Baryshnikov, Chekov. The art of water surely belongs to Oleg Beloglazov .
I have grown tired of liars, amateur workmanship, overly hyped devices, personal disrespect and….. really bad water.
Combined with Mary Cordaro’s research, Oleg and his team offered me good health, the best water available, and Oleg’s signature: impeccable installations. Oleg and his team educated me and followed through afterward, were punctual, honest and excellent at what they do.
I am a very proud American, but in the matter of pure clear filtered water, for me anyway, Russia wins, hands down.
Thank you Oleg, Mary and all the folks at Best Buy Plumbing. I am honored to be your client.

Jennifer Warnes Mar 24 2012 12:45pm

My husband and I recently had Oleg and his team install our new Rinnai tankless water heater! Oleg was present for most of the installation; he oversaw that the work was being done correctly and safely. Albert, Ray, Mark, and Jose V. were always polite, tidy and efficient. Our old, imposing tank water heater was originally located in our laundry room on the second floor. The brilliant idea of installing the new, tankless water heater up in our attic was proposed. My husband and I are so glad that we went with it because it turned out great! Now we have extra space to put storage cabinets and shelves in our laundry room if we so choose. And even though the tankless water heater is up in our attic space, they still did a fantastic job on the framing and installation. Endless hot water from the tankless water heater is such a wonderful luxury, and we're so glad that we were able to get the job done with the help of Oleg and his team!

Charlie & Leiannon Perez Mar 20 2012 12:00am

Bonnie and I have had the pleasure of dealing with you and your team as you worked to resolve several performance issues that we had with our Noritz tankless water heater. Even though you did not install the original tankless system, and it had been almost 2 years since we had the unit installed by a different plumber, you accepted the challenge to make it work properly and after some dedicated detective work you got the system to work as advertised. We were impressed by the way that you followed up each service visit with a phone call to determine if the issue had been resolved. In addition we were impressed with the professional manner in which your crew worked in your absence, without direct supervision, to correct some installation problems created by our original plumber. Finally, we were very impressed with the professional manner in which you spoke with your crew as you worked through various troubleshooting techniques, the very analytical method that you followed in pursuing the problem, and most of all your endless patience in answering my numerous questions. No matter how irritated that I got with the unit not working properly you always gave me confidence that you could fix it properly, and you did.

We highly recommend to any one who is considering the installation of a tankless water heater to obtain the services of someone like yourself who has a working relationship with the manufacturer, who has an in-depth technical knowledge of the water heater, and who has the professionalism to see the job through to completion.

Bonnie and Chuck H. Oct 06 2011 12:00am

Hi Oleg,

I just wanted to let you know that when Mauricio came to look at the sink yesterday, he did a really good job. He did some nice detective work and figured it all out. I was very impressed. Eventually, thanks to your unending patience and persistence, if clients don’t get it immediately, they do eventually see how valuable you and your company are. : )

Denise G. Oct 06 2011 12:00am

Oleg your professionalism is so very rare and because of that you have no competition. I made my first cup of tea this morning....Oh MY God! the difference is amazing!!! I am taking the day of to drink tea, rest and just enjoy the new water. It is absolutley superior quality water. I am so grateful for your intervention at the right time regarding sealing the hole in the cabinet. Thank you for speaking up on my behalf , in a timely way. Your installation is perfect. I like the way it looks.... without the cabinet doors on !!! It’s almost pretty! I am very happy that with the decision to start with a new unit....thank you. As soon as I am able to afford new improvements, I will call you about them. Thank you again, for such a fine, fine job, and for the gift of health that your work will bring to this household. It is so rare in Southern California, that ANY work is done this well.

Jennifer C. Oct 05 2011 12:00am

Our family has been using Best Buy Plumbing for five years running. We first found them while doing a web search for a good plumber, because our hot water heater stopped working. They came highly recommended and when I called them (on a Saturday no less), they were helpful and prompt. That day the installed a tankless water heater that has been working smoothly and efficiently ever since.
Since that day, we've used Best Buy for all of our plumbing needs. They've done small jobs for us - like tightening the wall mounting on a bathroom faucet. They've done medium jobs for us - like clearing out tub & sink drains and handling leaks & flooding. And most recently, they did a big job for us - they installed a whole house filtration system which filters the water coming in from the city, throughout our entire home. It's fantastic!

No matter what size or scope the job may be, Best Buy Plumbing offers reliable service, by professional and courteous technicians. They are efficient, explain each step of they job and leave the job site clean. I could not recommend Best Buy Plumbing more. They are truly the best buy!

Heidi & Damon L. Sep 26 2011 09:26am

Oleg and his Best Buy plumbing team was to install some intricate filtering devices into our immaculate home. There is always nervousness when workmen come into the house because it always seems that one trade constantly ruins other work while they do their own work. When we first contracted Oleg, he walked through our home giving us really helpful suggestions of things we could change or tweak to make them better.

I must say, EVERYTHING that Oleg said he would do, he and his team did perfectly.

They are the most conscientious and knowledgable bunch I have ever come across. Meticulous perfectionists. And with total respect for our home.

I cannot recommend Oleg and his team more highly. We will be using them again and again for any plumbing issue that comes up.

Dan G. Sep 26 2011 09:24am

If you need a plumber who is highly skilled, reliable and willing to go the extra mile, we would heartily recommend Oleg Beloglazov and his company Best Buy Plumbing. The following story illustrates why. We were scheduled this morning for the final city inspection of our remodeled kitchen. Panic was mounting last night when we couldn’t reach the electrician who was assigned to cover the inspection, and the general contractor was on another job 500 miles north of here. We breathed a huge sigh of relief when Oleg, our plumbing contractor, said yes, he would be here in the morning to help us. To come meet with our inspector meant traveling through early morning commuter traffic from Tarzana (approx. 18 miles away, which may be an hour’s drive on a good day). With his steadying presence, the inspector signed off on our job—and what a relief to be finished! Throughout the 7 months of this project, and with various other plumbing needs as well, we have benefited greatly from Oleg’s expertise, rare level of craftsmanship, reliability, thoroughness, and personable, easy way about him. He is someone that we learned we could count on in general, and now, in a “crisis.” We highly commend and recommend Oleg, and the people he supervises, without reservation. It has been a great pleasure having his special essence built into this project. From now on whenever day to day plumbing needs arise, he will be our regular plumber.

Quin & Jane C. Sep 25 2011 01:58pm